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Disability Access Vehicle Ramps

According to Statistics Canada, almost 2.7 million people or 1 in 10 Canadians aged 15 and older had a mobility disability in 2017, making it one of the most common disability types. With the help of modified vehicle providers, many people with disabilities are able to access a vehicle suited to their needs.

These needs often mean special access for wheelchairs and other mobility aids is required, with the most effective, and safest method being automotive access ramps.

However, some adapted vehicles may not have been supplied with an integrated ramp, or you might prefer a non-integrated ramp solution, allowing you to continue accessing your own vehicle.

At Portaramp, we have years of expertise in designing and supplying a range of bespoke vehicle access ramp solutions. We strive to work closely with all our customers to provide the safest, most effective solutions for their needs.

What’s more, we can work directly with local authority and community vehicle manufacturers to provide a fitted, bespoke solution.

To ensure equal access for all, those with a responsibility to provide access to these educational establishments should review current access, and look to install solutions where needed.

Building access ramps are a simple, effective way of providing safe access to buildings for people with reduced mobility. At Portaramp, we have been working with the education sector and others for many years to provide the best building access solutions for disabled people across the globe. Our bespoke, portable ramps offer an alternative to costly fixed ramps, without drawbacks.

Wheelchair and Scooter Ramps

Our ultra-lightweight wheelchair and scooter ramps are the ideal solution for loading wheelchairs and other mobility aids into cars, vans, and other vehicles. The innovative two-channel folding design means they are easy to deploy, handle, and then store inside the car when not in use, even for those who struggle to manipulate large objects.

Entirely negating the need to dismantle heavy wheelchairs or scooters, and offering maximum simplicity, our two-channel Portaramp vehicle ramps are ideal, whether you are going to the shops or travelling further afield.

The two-channel ramps are perfect for both two and four-wheeled mobility aids and are available in standard lengths between 1680mm to 2135mm. Alternatively, Portaramp can manufacture to your bespoke requirements.

EasyRamp for Minibuses and More

The Easyramp is our specially designed solution for ramp access to welfare minibuses, PTS vehicles, ambulances, and more. The simple, single-handed gas-strut deployment aluminium panel design makes deploying and stowing the ramp quick and easy. What’s more, the 50mm fitted side rails offer greater safety than alternatives without side rails.

Designed with community vehicles in mind, the slip-resistant surface and quick release attachment options ensure regular, safe deployment without incident. The EasyRamp is suitable for both wheelchairs and scooters, offering safe passage to users and carers, if required.

The EasyRamp can be supplied in standard lengths between 2000mm to 3000mm, or designed and manufactured to a bespoke length.

If visibility through the rear window of the vehicle is crucial, then we also offer the ClearView ramp alternative to the EasyRamp. Made to the same gas-strut supported, aluminium-panel design, the ClearView features folding panels which allow it to be stowed beneath rear window height. The EasyRamp is available in standard sizes of between 2000mm to 2500mm, but can also be designed bespoke.

Taxi Loading Wheelchair Ramps

The Portaramp taxi loading wheelchair ramp is the ideal solution for loading both wheelchairs and scooters into taxis and minivans. With an overall length of 1600mm, the ramp is tapered at one end for sideloading. Locating pins are fitted for secure attachment to almost any vehicle.

As with all our ramps, the Taxi Loading Ramp features a slip-resistant surface and quality paint finish, as well as a folding design for quick deployment, unobtrusive storage, and easy transport.

The up-stands of the ramp are 30mm high, with the ramp measuring 760mm in width and weighing just 13kg. Compliant to BS6109-2:1989, the ramp is capable of a specified SWL of 300kg.

Bus Trio Ramps

Our portable bus trio ramps were designed in conjunction with the bus transport industry to provide the safest and most effective wheelchair access onto buses. The ramps, made from a lightweight, non-corrosive composite aluminium, and featuring a unique slip-resistant design, are hard-wearing and ideal for daily use on modern buses.

Safe, durable, and reliable with minimal maintenance, the bus trio ramp has been approved by VOSA for compliance to Public Service Vehicle Accessibility Regulations (Reg. No.107, UN/ECE.)

Bespoke Vehicle Ramp Solutions

Can’t see your required ramp here? We have many years of experience working with a range of customers, including specialist vehicle manufacturers, to design and supply the best solution, every time.

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