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Disability Ramps for Hotels and Restaurants

The hospitality industry actually employs over 600,000 people across Canada, bringing in over 78 billion in revenue. Whether it is drinks at the local bar or a weekend away, everyone enjoys a break once in a while.

Under the legislation, businesses – including pubs, bars, restaurants and hotels – are legally required to ensure equal access to their premises, including for people with disabilities or reduced mobility. If you run a public-facing business, you are required to consider the needs of disabled customers and guests, from staff training to removing potential obstacles.

One of the simplest and most cost-effective ways of maximizing accessibility to your premises is with the addition of disabled access ramps.

Disability Access Ramps for Hospitality

When many people think of disabled ramps, they think of large, concrete structures with metal handrails, but that isn’t always the case. Portable ramps, such as those in the Portaramp building access range, are a fantastic, non-obtrusive and cost-efficient way of ensuring everyone can access your building safely.

Made from premium, lightweight aluminum, Portaramp building access ramps like the Flat Panel Ramp can be deployed only when needed, then stored safely away. The folding alternatives to the Flat Panel Ramp, such as the Portable Ramp and Trio Ramp, are highly compact and minimize the amount of space needed.

With so many listed buildings in Canada having become hospitality venues over the years, it can be difficult to ensure safe access for everyone, due to frustrating step and threshold design. Building ramps from Portaramp allow you to create safe access for guests and customers without costly renovation work.

At Portaramp, we have years of experience in designing and supplying disabled access ramps, so you can be sure that our ramps are safe, effective, and meet all relevant legislation. Our ramps are sold in standard sizes, or we can work with you to provide a bespoke ramp solution.

Flat Panel Ramp / Building Access/ Non-Folding Alternative/ Wheelchair Ramps

Ramps for Transport and Deliveries

Our ramp offering extends far beyond disability access. The innovative and premium design ethos behind our ramps means we are also able to offer a range of effective vehicle loading delivery ramp solutions for deliveries and transportation.

Ideal for moving stock between restaurants or hotel sites, our high-quality ramp solutions, such as the Eazi-Ramp loading delivery ramp, maximise the efficiency of deliveries whilst minimising the impact on staff. The gas-strut design of the Eazi-Ramp loading delivery ramp allows for one-handed deployment and the safe unloading of items up to 400kg, negating the need for drivers to lift the objects themselves.

Best of all, our vehicle ramps can be used with almost any type of vehicle, from vans, to trailers, to trucks and lorries.

At Portaramp, we strive to offer the most comprehensive range of ramp solutions for the hospitality industry. To learn more, or to discuss your ramps needs, get in touch.

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