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Public Space Access Ramps

Under the Equality Act, all public spaces must be accessible to everyone equally, including those with disabilities and people with reduced mobility. According to the Act, reasonable adjustments and changes should be made to ensure disabled people are not at a disadvantage compared to others, and these adjustments should be anticipatory, meaning readily available.

The responsibility to make these considerations often falls on local authorities. These authorities are usually responsible for schools, hospitals, recreation centres, and a host of other spaces which should be accessible.

According to the Equality Act, local authorities must consider the following when designing or reviewing public spaces:

  • Provisions, criteria or staff practices
  • Physical features, such as building layouts and obstacles
  • The provision of auxiliary aids

One fundamental area that local authorities should focus on is the accessibility of public spaces to people of reduced mobility. This can include those who use wheelchairs or scooters. The most effective way of providing secure, safe access to disabled members of the public is with the addition of disabled access ramps.

Portaramp can design and supply a range of building access ramp types, allowing local authorities to ensure everyone has equal access to vital public spaces, and meet all legislative requirements.

The Portaramp Solution to Public Building Access

The Portaramp Flat Panel Wheelchair Ramp is a premium access ramp solution ideal for use in a range of public spaces. The lightweight, aluminium panel design means it is easy to handle and transport, negating the restrictions of fixed ramp alternatives.

The surface of the ramp is slip-resistant, allowing safe access for wheelchairs, scooters, and more. The ramp can also be painted in any colour to minimise its aesthetic impact on buildings. When not in use, the ramp can simply be stowed away.

Alternatively, our Portable Wheelchair Ramp offers all the same great accessibility and safety benefits of the Flat Panel Ramp, with an innovative two-panel folding design, allowing it to be folded in half and easily stored.

All versions of our ramp are available in standard or, alternatively, our expert ramp engineers can design and supply a bespoke ramp to suit your needs.

Flat Panel Ramp / Building Access/ Non-Folding Alternative/ Wheelchair Ramps

The Most Compact Access Ramp Solution

If space is a factor, but an access ramp is still required to provide full accessibility and legislative compliance, then our Trio Ramp is by far the best solution

Providing the same effective building access ramp benefits as the other ramps in our range, the Trio Ramp features a unique three-panel folding design, making it the most compact solution we offer. Despite its compact design, the Trio Ramp features the same slip-resistant surface and premium Portaramp build quality.

The Trio Ramp is available in standard sizes of 500mm to 1680mm, or can be custom designed for almost any application.

A Quick, Portable Ramp Solution

If a portable ramp solution is required across multiple sites, the Travel Ramp is ideal. This simple, premium ramp for moving wheelchairs and scooters over kerbs and door thresholds can be easily transported between sites in its provided carry case.

Available in a standard width of 460 mm and length of 710 mm, and weighing just 3kg, the Portaramp Travel Ramp is our most portable ramp solution.

Threshold Door Ramp Solution

On some older buildings, doors may not have been designed with accessibility in mind. The door sills and sudden thresholds often found with these doors provide a frustrating obstacle – or worse, danger – for people of reduced mobility. The Portaramp Overcill Ramp is a safe, efficient solution to provide access over these thresholds in an affordable, non-obtrusive way.

Made from the same durable, lightweight aluminium material as our standard portable ramps, this one-panel ramp can be easily adjusted to different heights using fully-adjustable support legs, creating a bridge in tandem with any of our other building ramp products. The Overcill Ramp is perfect for buildings with poorly designed thresholds or steps, maximising the safety of those accessing the building.

Alternatively, if the threshold or step in question is less severe, a standard Door Wedge Ramp is a safe and cost-effective alternative to the Overcill Ramp. Used in conjunction with any of the other building ramps in our range, the Wedge Ramp is a simple way of providing access over door sills and thresholds, and can even be safely left in place. As with all our ramps, the Wedge Door Ramp is available in standard sizes (50mm, 75mm, 100mm) or can be manufactured to bespoke requirements.

Vehicle Ramps

Portaramp can also design and supply a range of lightweight vehicle ramps for community support vehicles, community ambulances, and more.

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