Safe Access Delivery Ramps for Retail Logistics

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Disability Ramps and Loading Delivery Ramps for Shops and Retail Logistics

Being able to access the high street or local shop is something we might take for granted, but for many disabled people, it can be a challenge. Whether it is due to a lack of staff understanding or physical obstacles, many disabled people often encounter difficulties when shopping.

Research by disability charity Purple found that four in five disabled customers say businesses could ‘do more to be accessible’, and that retail businesses could be losing millions of dollars each year by not being accessible to the 6.2 million individuals in Canada with disabilities.

Disability Ramps for Retail

Retail businesses are required by the Equality Act to ensure their premises are accessible to everyone. Special considerations such as changes to store layout or accessibility aids should be ‘anticipatory’, meaning they should be in place before they are needed.

One of the simplest ways retail businesses can make themselves more accessible to those with disabilities or reduced mobility is with the addition of ramps. Ramps can remove the risks and frustrations presented by steps, thresholds, and non-compliant design, allowing for unimpeded access for everyone.

Portaramp has years of expertise in offering premium portable ramp solutions, which provide a range of benefits when compared with fixed ramps. Unlike fixed ramps, portable ramps can be used when needed then stored away safely. They have a minimal aesthetic impact and are hugely cost-effective when compared to fixed ramps.

Our portable building ramp solutions include the lightweight but highly durable Flat Panel Ramp, ideal for use with wheelchairs and mobility aids, as well as the two-fold Portable Ramp and three-fold Trio Ramp, which offer unparalleled compact storage. All of our building ramps can be used in tandem with our Overcill and Door Wedge Ramps, negating the risks posed by thresholds and door sills, which may not be compliant to current legislation.

Portable ramp solutions such as the Portramp range are a fantastic way of maximising accessibility at your stores with a premium, effective product.

Retail & Logistic Loading Delivery Ramps

The benefit of Portaramp ramp solutions goes far beyond disability access. Our expertise in ramp design means we are able to offer bespoke delivery ramp solutions for a range of retail operational needs, including loading, delivery, and more.

The Portaramp Eazi-Load loading delivery ramp offers a safe way to load and unload stock with minimal impact on drivers and store assistants by removing the need to lift boxes and pallets. Made from the same high-quality, durable aluminium as the other ramps in the Portaramp range, the Eazi-Load loading delivery ramp features gas-struts to allow for one-handed ramp deployment and an impressive maximum SWL of 400kg.

The Eazi-Load delivery ramp can be used with a range of vehicles, from vans and flatbed trailers to trucks, with a near-endless list of potential uses. The Eazi-Load loading delivery ramp is a great way to safely maximise the efficiency of loading and unloading for delivery drivers, and more.

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