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Safe Access & Disability Ramps for Schools

Access to education is a human right, and it is vital that students across Canada and beyond can access their school, college, or university without impediment. Despite this, many disabled people or those with reduced mobility find this difficult. Certain educational buildings may be older, and designed at a time when accessibility was not a priority.

An ONS survey found that disabled people are ‘less likely to have a degree-level qualification’ than those without disabilities, and that ‘the proportion of disabled people who had no qualifications is more than two and a half times the proportion of non-disabled people.’

The Equality Act states that schools, colleges, universities, and all centres of education are legally required to ensure equal access to buildings for everyone. This includes making allowances for wheelchair users, or students who might struggle to use on-site steps. These allowances should be made pre-emptively, and not just when an issue arises.

To ensure equal access for all, those with a responsibility to provide access to these educational establishments should review current access, and look to install solutions where needed.

Building access ramps are a simple, effective way of providing safe access to buildings for people of reduced mobility. At Portaramp, we have been working with the education sector and others for many years to provide the best building access solutions for disabled people, in Canada and beyond. Our bespoke, portable ramps offer an alternative to costly fixed ramps, without drawbacks.

Building Access Ramps for Education

Portaramp designs and supplies a range of effective portable access ramps for educational buildings.

Our standard Flat Panel Ramp is a lightweight yet durable aluminium ramp solution which allows safe access for wheelchair users and those with reduced mobility, thanks to its unique slip-resistant surface. The ramp can be left in place or, weighing in at between 3-16kg and featuring an integrated carry handle, easily moved across sites.

If compact storage is a concern, our ultra-strong Flat Panel Ramp is also available as the Portable Building Ramp, featuring a two-fold design without sacrificing strength. Alternatively, we also offer the Trio Ramp, with a tri-fold design offering unparalleled compact storage with none of the drawbacks of fixed ramps.

Our ramps can also be used in conjunction with the Overcill Ramp and Door Wedge Ramp, allowing for safe bridge access over door sills and non-compliant thresholds.

All our building ramps can be supplied in standard sizes or bespoke designed for use anywhere. The premium, durable design makes Portaramp access ramps ideal for regular use in busy settings such as schools, colleges, and universities.

Flat Panel Ramp / Building Access/ Non-Folding Alternative/ Wheelchair Ramps

Vehicle Ramps for Education

If your school offers school-to-home transport, you should make sure your vehicles are equipped to transport wheelchair or mobility aid using students. At Portaramp, we offer a range of vehicle ramps (vehicle ramps link), as well as specialist vehicle conversion, to ensure everyone can get to school safely and without discrimination.

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